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About Phlebotomy and Our Goals

    Phlebotomist Practitioner

A Vital Role in Medicine
The phlebotomist is a vital member of the clinical laboratory team whose main function is to obtain patients' blood specimens by venipuncture and microcollection and transportation of other clinical specimens. Phlebotomists are employed throughout the health care system in hospitals, neighborhood health centers, medical group practices, HMOs, public health facilities, and veterans' hospitals.

The field of phlebotomy has greatly expanded in the past several years, and the role of this integral member of the health care team has recently been brought into much sharper focus. The threat of AIDS, hepatitis, and risks to all segments of society from other infectious diseases has dramatically emphasized the need for quickly expanding training programs, while maintaining the highest possible standards of instruction and continuing education for these health care professionals.

Patient and health care worker safety and quality assurances which adhere to the most stringent professional standards are essential at every echelon of the health care process. Society's continuing good health may very well depend on it.

The phlebotomist has a direct effect on the overall quality of medical care.

Goals and Objectives
The National Phlebotomy Association, through expanding present training and education programs, will continue to offer the community long-term solutions to vital concerns both in the National Capital Area and across the nation.

The establishment of an across-the-board national standard of certification for all phlebotomists is at the top of the agenda. Attracting a prominent national board of directors with sufficient influence to assist our efforts in this complicated endeavor will be an important step in the right direction.

NPA is expanding networking efforts to both the community and related colleague organizations and groups in order to increase awareness and inform the public.

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