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Outreach Programs for Increased Awareness

    Phlebotomist Practicioners at a Conference

Outreach to the Professional
The National Phlebotomy Association convened its first Annual Education Conference in 1979 at Children's Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, DC. Subsequent conferences have been held in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nassau, New York, and Pennsylvania.

These 1-2 day conferences are attended by phlebotomists, nurses, pathologists, laboratory managers, and allied health personnel. Professionals join together in workshops, seminars, exhibits, and continuing education programs where pertinent health related topics are discussed.

The National Education Conference also offers the unique opportunity for NPA to expand its crucial role of interfacing between the phlebotomist practitioner, the laboratory, the physician, the patient, and other health-related professionals. The presentation and discussion of pertinent medical subjects and social issues at this forum have produced very positive results.

Outreach to the Community
The ongoing training program in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area has trained more than 612 students and assisted in their placement in health care facilities and hospitals. Phlebotomy offers a professional status and does not require an undergraduate degree. Minorities, single mothers, and newly graduated high school students have been the primary recipients of this program, and the community has been the primary recipient of highly trained, skilled professionals, and productive citizens as well.

Our training program is divided into classroom instruction and clinical internship. This entire training curriculum can be purchased from NPA.

The advancement of learning and education remains our very best hope of improving one generation over another. Upgrading the status of phlebotomists to a professional rank has been readily achieved during the past 25 years throughout the efforts right here in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Community.

Outreach to the Nation
Through patience and diligence, NPA has put into place the phlebotomy-training curriculum at universities, colleges, and hospitals across the country. NPA staff travels extensively to implement new programs and administer the certification examinations. The certification examination is also available here in Washington for those who qualify to take the test. Carefully drawn criteria of on-the-job training are administered.

But in terms of numbers, our work has just begun. There are over 7,700 hospitals in the United States and nearly all of them are without an accredited phlebotomy training program. Of the estimated one quarter million practicing phlebotomists, only slightly more than 15,000 have been certified by the NPA.

Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS statistics and projections for the future have urgently changed priorities and timetables for many health-related organizations. Raising public awareness, offering timely dissemination of available information, and expanding necessary programs are an essential and pressing priority.

NPA is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Our funding comes from certification and recertification fees from our members, donations, Washington, DC government agencies, and United Black Fund. These service contracts cover only a per-unit cost for the local educational programs and do not include administrative costs, instructions, supplies, and office equipment.

We are presently networking with related organizations in order to explore other funding sources and mechanisms which might be available. A marketing strategy that will offer information to the public, increased awareness and visibility of professional standards, and public safety, through associate health care programs is essential.

Our hope of solving the ever-present funding problem is an appeal to individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, and community organizations for support.

Donations, contributions, supplies, office equipment, and services are all equally welcome to help us reach our goals. We look forward to greater participation from the private sector as we strive to meet community needs.

Call us today for more information on phlebotomy and our organization.
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